Monday, 19 September 2016

End of Term 3

It's amazing how fast the term has flown.
This last week is about sharing learning and your children have put together a wonderful display of the art they have been developing through their learning across the Global World.

Join us on Wednesday 6.30pm at the Art Auction where you can view all the beautiful learning and bid on your child's artwork as well as the beautiful pieces donated by a range of friends of the school.

The Gateway Whanau Class have created incredible wall hangings woven together with skill and care.

Check with your child about their ART WORKS and come along to school to view it. The hall will also be open from 1.00pm today for early viewing and the AUCTION is on Wednesday 21,  6.30-7.30pm in the hall. Tickets can be purchased from the office.

Wednesday, 18 May 2016

My Story

Kia ora everyone
I'm new to blogging but will do my best to keep you interested.

I love hearing your stories and finding out about the journeys you have had that make you who you are so I thought I'd share a little about myself.

I love being the Principal of Target Road School. I don't see it as a job I see it more as my other home that I go to each day. I've been Principal here since 2012 and prior to that was Principal at Birkdale North School for 4 years.

I come from a large family (3 brothers and 3 sisters). My parents came to New Zealand from Samoa and Rarotonga and met here in the late 1940s. I grew up in Devonport and Bayswater going to St Leo's School in Devonport, Bayswater School, Belmont Intermediate, Takapuna Grammar and North Shore Teachers College. I haven't moved far and still live in Devonport now.

I hope I haven't lost you already.

I started teaching in 1979, yes 1979! In fact it was also the year I got married.
My first year of teaching was at Northcote Intermediate. I loved working there too! In those days teachers were bonded for 3 years when they came out of teachers college and after that were expected to find their own permanent position.

My first class was amazing. I was only 11 years older than my students, a life time in those days, but now they're 48+ and well, you could probably work out how old I am. My students came from a variety of primary schools in the Northcote area, were keen to learn, loved the challenges Intermediate provided for them, had high expectations and gave me 30+ reasons for doing my best for them everyday.

Teaching in those days was very prescriptive. Students were graded under a 1-5 system; 1 being the top students and 5 being students who were well below expectation.  I remember arguing with my senior teacher because we were only allowed to give a certain percentage of 1s and 5s and I believed I had more than the allowable number 1 students in my class. Am I glad those days are gone!  Now-a-days we determine where your child is at in relation to the NZ Curriculum National Standards not against each other.

My husband James and I have two sons, James (jnr) and Michael. We love skiing as a family and take every opportunity we can to explore new mountains. More about that in a later blog.

And we are so lucky to have a precious, precious grandson, Thomas. He is 7 months old now.
Being a grandmother for the first time has added an amazing dimension to my life that I hadn't known was even missing until it was filled. Being a part of Thomas' growth and development is fantastic. Watch this video. I'm positive I hear him say Grandma several times.